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uthercentric: Uther, crowned, playe by Anthony S. Head (Srs bzn)

Uther Pendragon

King of

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Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Community description:For fanworks featuring Uther from the BBC series Merlin

This is a community for fans of King Uther from the BBC series Merlin. We welcome all kinds of fanworks, including but not limited to art, discussion, vids, icons, podfic, recs, and fics. You can post your work directly here or link to a post elsewhere. We also welcome fanworks about Anthony Stewart Head with other members of the Merlin cast. If you would like to promote another comm or fest please check in with us first.

Rules and Posting Template - please read before posting!

FAQ and page-a-mod post - you can always contact us by commenting on the page-a-mod post or by sending a PM to [personal profile] sophinisba or [personal profile] yue_ix. For affiliating or promoting, please drop a comment here.

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